Technically, I'm a one-woman show, but I'm supported by an awesome community of makers.

I'm constantly consulting with my sister (an animator-turned-ceramicist), my mother (a glass artist by way of clay, metals, and kindergarteners), and many amazing jewelers, screen-printers, muralists, and small-business owners I've met along the way.

I believe in "Community Not Competition", and I think what we are able to give to each other makes everything and everyone better.

 Photo: Kristen Zephyrus

I create jewelry from recycled metals, using fabrication and lost-wax casting techniques. Most of my materials come from a local refiner who is committed to responsible environmental practices.

Each component is an element of architecture, building unique jewelry with different pieces, finishes, and metals. You can mix and match to "choose-your-own-adventure" or pick from tried and true combinations. Stack several rings, building a shield of silver for your finger, or choose a single gold element for a necklace. It can be as delicate or decorative as you prefer.


artist photo: Kristen Zephyrus