I first picked up a torch when I was 14, and I was immediately enamored with all the possibilities. That was around the same time I started rock climbing, and I suppose those things actually go hand-in-hand quite nicely. Both rock climbing and metalsmithing make you strong, can be dangerous if you don't respect the process, and require a certain amount of stubbornness. Oh, and if you do them well, they both look a whole lot easier than they are.

Each has been an integral part of who I am for most of my life, and so I've learned to draw inspiration from one to feed the other. My jewelry is outdoors and mountain inspired, and I love making pieces that build on each other with different stacking components and materials. I use recycled material as much as possible and I think about the strength and wearability of a piece just as much as the visual impact.

Technically, I'm a one-woman show, but I'm supported by an awesome community of makers. I'm constantly consulting with my sister (a potter), my mother (a sculptor), and the many amazing jewelers, screen-printers, rock climbers, and small-business owners I've met along the way. I believe in "Community Over Competition", because -- in climbing and in the creative world -- I think that the support we are able to give to each other makes everything and everyone better.


portrait by kristen zephyrus